REACT International, Inc. (REACT) – consists of Teams of Skilled Communications Volunteers – is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization. REACT has been monitoring the airwaves since 1962, and since its inception REACT volunteers have been providing a wide range of radio related services to the public.

REACT is a network of committed professionals with a desire to assist their communities in times of emergency or disaster. Our members provide their expertise when disasters strike and assist with augmenting local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts.

What is the modern REACT all about?

It is amazing to see the various programs and relationships that have developed between REACT Teams and their local governments and emergency services.  Teams may: provide first-aid and communications at a multitude of publicly attended events, directly assist local police   services with traffic control, provide specialized equipment such as scene lighting, and the list goes on.   The interesting thing is that these initiatives come from local teams recognizing the needs in their communities which, with planning and creative thinking, their organizations can fulfill.

Although REACT’s roots are in communications, most successful teams have gone way beyond this role in their communities. Given the incredible advances in personal communications, successful teams have honed in on an expanded role to ensure their long term viability in providing a multitude of services.   Keep in mind, communication technology is only one of the tools teams can utilize to solidify their position within their communities.

So what is modern REACT all about?     Modern REACT is about the future. We can only imagine the incredible technologies that will be available for REACT Teams to use in the next few years.

Are you prepared to recognize new and exiting opportunities as they present themselves? What ideas can you bring to the table to be a modern REACT Team.

To recognize modern REACT is to recognize that the future starts today, with you and your Team.